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Split Pea Soup with Ham

Split Pea and Ham Soup

Split pea and ham soup green line

The thought of eating or making Split Pea Soup was never something I wanted to do or try. Seeing a bowl of brown/green mushy peas will change my appetite quickly… Who would want to eat that?  When I asked Bill many years ago to give me a list of food he would like to have for his birthday dinner, Split Pea Soup was right there at the top.  Really?  Wanting to make him happy, I was willing to try and make it. By chance, I came upon a recipe in Cuisine At Home magazine that looked appealing enough for me to try and make.  The addition of frozen peas in the soup was different from the other recipes I’ve seen.  It turned out delicious and as a result, I served it at Bill’s birthday party and everybody liked it.  As for Bill, he ate it all up and asked for a second helping.

This is the one and only Split Pea and Ham Soup recipe I’ve made over the years and now our kids are enjoying it too.

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