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Poolside Treats and Things

Poolside treats and things

It’s summertime and an afternoon of fun activities outside, swimming in the pool or playing in the sprinkler are great pastimes for the kids to do.  In between activities is a good time to bring out refreshments and sweet treats.  I decided to put together a little refreshment center for them to have and share with friends.  To make it festive and summertime, I decorated the empty picture frame to look like water.  I used tissue paper cut in strips with scallop edges layered together with double sided tape to look like waves. A decorative flag banner {diy herewas added to the top of the picture frame.

A local candy shop, The Confectionery was the source for gummies and chocolate treats.  Not everyone lives nearby, so I included internet sources at the end of the blog post.  Other than treats, bubbles are always fun, and the BEST bubbles that will last a long time before they pop are the ones sold by Gymboree.

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Summer Barbecue, S’mores and Father’s Day

Father's Day and barbecue

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A sprinkling of barbecue flavor brings out the taste of summer.

Our little Weber grill is out in the backyard and is being put to use again.  This Father’s Day weekend will be filled with many activities for us as a family. Starting early Saturday morning, Dad and the kids will be running in a 5K race, followed by our little town parade, then four soccer games {Saturday & Sunday}, and a Father’s Day barbecue dinner will end the weekend nicely.

Father’s Day Menu

grilled salmon
grilled marinated flank steak
grilled vegetables
{green peppers, tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms}
crusty rustic bread with dipping sauce
watermelon and Rainier cherries

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