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Sharing and Cooking with Julia Child

julia child cookbooks

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As I was putting this blog post together my intention was to share a recipe from one of Julia Child’s cookbooks, but things don’t always go as planned.  I have expanded from one recipe to four and added some personal stories relating to Julia Child.  I hope you enjoy this blog post and maybe be inspired to try one of her recipes. Bon Appetit!

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My earliest introduction to Julia Child was during my childhood years.  My parents would tune to her television cooking shows on PBS and often times I was there to watch it with them. Having followed her over the years, I didn’t attempt to make anything she featured on her shows or from her cookbooks until my later years when I started to cook for Bill and I.  Early in our marriage, Bill noticed I was missing one particular cookbook and surprised me with a brand new copy of  Mastering the Art of French Cooking. The cookbook became my resource for basic cooking questions such as how to boil eggs, cook vegetables, and bake simple desserts. I can’t recall which particular recipe was my first attempt, but one I do remember well was trying to follow all the steps to the recipe on how to make the perfect scrambled eggs {oafs brouillés}. The recipe called for 8 eggs…I might have reduced the quantity by half for the two of us and I think it came out well and we ate it. I have expanded my repertoire since then, but there are still many more recipes that I look forward to trying.  Julia Child published her first cookbook in 1961 and her last book came out in 2006, My Life in France.  To see the entire collection of all her cookbooks, the Julia Child Foundation has on their website a page chronicling them all and when they were published.

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Bill’s Book Picks for Fall Reading

Books to read...

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The change in season is upon us and with it comes the new routine and activities.  The kids are back in school and signed up for soccer this fall.  I have begun the cleaning process in the garden and around the yard while Bill tackled some of the miscellaneous repairs and unfinished projects in and around the house. The days are full and the list of things to do is unending.  Finding some quiet time to yourself to unwind… with a hot cup of coffee and a good book to read is always an excellent idea.

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Bill’s Sketchbook Project 2016

Sketchbook project 2016

At the request of Kay to share my latest project…. The Sketchbook Project 2016

Some months ago I came upon a book in the library titled,”The Sketchbook Project.” It was filled with the sketch work from people all over the world.  Some were professional artists and some amateurs. Interviews with several of the contributors revealed many were like me having been more devoted to practicing art at an earlier time in their life. Participating in the project gave them an opportunity to simply sketch again and perhaps reignite their artistic side. I decided to take a chance and make a commitment to produce my own sketchbook to be included in the Brooklyn Art Library located in Brooklyn, NY.  

The theme/challenge I signed up for at the time was “Memoirs.”  It took some time to consider what of my memories would be included in my sketches. I found I had to work in a separate sketchbook for a few weeks to let ideas through my mind. Eventually I found most of my work focusing more on the places I have lived that had the greatest impact and some other important locations and events related to living.

There are many wonderful sampling of projects in the making from artists for viewing on Instagram, Instagram-The Sketchbook Project 2016, and Facebook.  Here are some of my finished works that I submitted.

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Paris, Our Thoughts and Prayers

Paris, thoughts and prayers

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It has been an incredible 24 hours.  I was home Friday, had FOX news on as I was cleaning and picking things up around the house.  I started to notice that the headlines on the news weren’t changing and I kept hearing the same words repeated, Paris… shooting… hostages…deaths. What was unfolding before my eyes wasn’t reality to me, but it was.  I sat glued to my chair watching the news as the events happened minute by minute.  At one point,  all the news organizations were asked not to televise the situation developing as Paris police stormed the Batacian theater to rescue the hostages.  The situation ended and the unwanted news of those who were killed and injured were reported along with the other attacks that happened at the soccer stadium and restaurants and bars.

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