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Lemon Mousse

Lemon mousse

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The combination of sweet and tart flavors are brought together in this simple Lemon Mousse recipe.  It’s a refreshing and light dessert to accompany a meal whether it be formal or casual.  With the arrival of spring and the Easter holiday, this will be a wonderful addition to serve as part of an afternoon Easter brunch or other occasion. The desert can be made a day ahead or at least an hour before serving.

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Reusing Vintage Clothespin Bags For New Purposes

Vintage clothespin bag

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Clothespin bags are not as common and in frequent use today as they were in the past. How they were constructed and designed may vary slightly from one to another, but they all have the same purpose, to store clothespins and to hang from the clothesline for easy access.  My particular favorites are the ones made from wires attached to a simple fabric bag.  “Cute” is the word I often use to describe them.  The project to transform these vintage, stained, and worn out clothespin bags into something new was fun to do.  It’s also great to find new purposes and uses for them.

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Our Instagram and Five Beautiful Instagram Accounts to Follow

Capturing everyday moments with photos/videos and thoughts is a popular way of sharing with others through the use of the Instagram app.  Recently, Bill and I began to use it and share our photos here at @whitegunpowderlifestyle.  It will be a place for us to post photos of events, thoughts, announcements, inspirations, and things we see in our journey through life. You can also see the latest photos we posted on the website sidebar, to the right.  Here are two of the latest postings about  chocolate truffles and our boots..

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Super Bowl 50, Denver Broncos & Carolina Panthers, diy Mini Flags

Denver Broncos mini flags

Super Bowl Sunday!

The NFL Super Bowl 50 will be held this Sunday, February 7th 2016 {3:25 pm PST} in Santa Clara, CA at Levi’s Stadium.  What a great season it was for the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.  They have earned their spots here in the Super Bowl.  The Carolina Panthers number one offense will be facing the Denver Broncos number one defense. The excitement is building here at my house and I am looking forward to the big game.  You could probably tell which team I will be cheering on.

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