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Plum Island, Eastern Point Lighthouse and Summer Cocktails

Plum Island - Lighthouse - Cape Cod

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I hope you are enjoying the warm weather and soaking in the long summer days.  It has been awhile since my last post,  and I hope to get back into the swing of things after the summer break.  I’ve been posting on Instagram @whitegunpowderliftstyle, of our daily happenings and thoughts if you want to check it out and follow us there.  If you were to ask me about my summer, “busy” would describe it.  But, if you were to glance at my bare calendar with a few penciled in reminders it would contradict what I just said.  The daily life has been filled with mostly little things that come in waves depending on the weather or who one of my kids is in contact with.  There was one big travel plan for Bill and our daughter, Grace, to explore the country of Turkey and Greece in July.  After much thought, we decided to cancel it with so much uncertainty and unrest happening in that part of the world.  Staying close to home felt like the right thing to do this summer.

This blog post is a follow up to my last year’s blog post, Summer (teen) packing list…destination Cape Cod.  My intention was to put it together and share the photos my daughter, Hannah took on her trip to the east coast.  Soon after she came back, life had a way of changing things and it was put off and shoved on a shelf {in a computer file} to collect dust for over a year until I came upon it recently. I hope you enjoy this follow up post of the beautiful beaches of Plum Island and a visit to a favorite lighthouse in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

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Summer (teen) packing list … destination Cape Cod

Cape Cod, packing list

Cape Cod is the summer destination for many people living on the east coast and millions of visitors from around the world. Recently, Hannah was invited to go on a trip to Cape Cod.  This will be her first long trip away from home without us.  Our little girl is growing up and seeing her stepping out, be more independent, and making decisions is exciting.  For the trip she wanted to pack everything in one suitcase, enough basic clothes for 8-10 days and like most teens, still look cute and fashionable.

When I think of Summer and Cape Cod, the look is preppy, nautical, with mixed prints and patterns.  Looking at Hannah’s selection of clothes, I think she did a great job of pulling together her wardrobe.  I see many options to mix and match the pieces to wear for various occasions and activities, from dressy to everyday casual, to going to the beach, on a boat or out shopping.

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A Little Snapshot of our Summer

summer, gone swimming

We are in the midst of summer and enjoying the warm weather and lots of sunshine. Memories are being made and more than enough pictures have been taken and sent out to be shared.

Here is a little snapshot of our summer so far, staying cool, in, near and around water….

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Exploring Tide Pools

the beach / tide pools near  Me Kwa Mooks Park pic1 w700 x 950h-1

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The days have been cloudy with the usual rain in the forecast this week.  Bill, the kids and I took advantage of the break in the weather, low tide, and sunshine and drove to the beach and had a fun day exploring.  It was a short drive to Me Kwa Mooks Park in West Seattle near Alki beach.  Just across the street from the park,  with our boots on, we were ready to venture out into the tide pools.

The beaches here in the Pacific Northwest are great destinations for our family to visit.  {see other pictures at the beach here and here}.

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2014, Favorite Beach Accessories for the Home

Ocean / beach collection


Not everyone lives near the beach, but one can always bring a little bit of it into their home.  These beach accessories and treats are some of my favorite things I’m currently enjoying and using in my home.

1.  Bring out decorative bright napkins {by Caspari } printed with coral, shells and starfish will put a little beach feel to a lunch or dinner.  It’s available at many specialty retail stores, grocery stores and online store such as Paper Style.

2.  Pewter shell/coral hors d’ oeuvre forks are great as a multipurpose picker-upper for cheese, shrimp, crab, veggies, fruits, and other yummy goodies.   I purchased it at a local specialty store, hedge & vine.  Here’s a link to an online store currently carrying these forks, The Bowl Company.

3.  My new favorite candle scent is ocean by Linnea’s Lights.  The scent is a soft ocean breeze, with a subtle hint of fresh citrus.  It’s a nice addition to any room in the house.

4.  Printable vintage coral print from the Zoological Society of London {1895}.  To print a copy, click here.

5.  Try a sailboat craft project made from driftwood.  Click here for the tutorial.

6.  A bowl of fun chocolate beach pebbles to snack on by Sunflower Food Company.


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