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A Morning Walk Through Seattle’s Pike Place Market

This is a follow-up to the blog post, An Evening In Seattle & Pike Place Market.  In the blog post, I talked about my weekly shopping trip to the market many years ago.  I wanted to be able to get what I needed and leave within an hour including finding a place to park my car.  Other times I would linger for awhile and enjoy an early morning latte with a fresh baked almond croissant.

On a recent Saturday, I asked Bill if he would like to accompany me early in the morning to Seattle for coffee at Pike Place Market and stroll through the streets before heading home {and before the kids start to wonder what’s for breakfast}.  Bill thought that will be a nice morning excursion and came with me.  We had a great time that morning.  The only minor set back for Bill  was when I decided to do a little shopping, he was a trooper about it.

click map

Le Panier Starbucks Cutters Beecher's Handmade Cheese Sur La Table Cafe Campagne Inn At the Market Watson Kennedy Pike Place Fish Market MarketSpice DeLauenti Skybridge


Places to Visit at Pike Place Market

hover/click on any of the numbers 1-11 or the skybridge on the map above to open an image
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Come with us on our walk and use the map above to guide you.

Pike Place Market is a busy place, especially during the summer months.  People come from all over the world or from just down the street to experience the market, shop or see all that it has to offer.  Not having a plan or not familiar with the area, the trip can be overwhelming and stressful.  I hope the information in this blog post will be helpful for you if and when you decide to visit the market. .

Pike Place Market, skybridge

Pike Place Market, parking garage skybridge

The best time to go to Pike Place Market is in the morning before the crowd and traffic.  Once there, The Market Parking Garage {blue star ★ on the map} on Western Ave. is a great place to park for a few reasons.  The parking garage has an elevator to take you up to the skybridge that will connect you directly to the market. .


Pike Place Market, skybridge & Mount Rainier

view of Mount Rainier from skybridge

The view from the skybridge of the the waterfront and the surrounding area is incredible.  I used the “zoom” feature on the camera to get this picture of Mount Rainier and the Seattle Seahawks football stadium {Century Link Field}. .


Pike Place Market, skybridge

Pike Place Market, skybridge

Another reason to park here is the easy access to the waterfront from the lower level of the garage.

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Start the tour . . . . .

We will begin our walking tour at the bottom of the map at Dilauranti  and work our way to the top of the map at Cutters .

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An Evening In Seattle & Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

Before the year 2013 ended, we had the opportunity to go out for an evening in Seattle.  It was a fun night of food and a comedy show.  Late into the night before heading back to our truck to go home, Bill and I took a long stroll through Pike Place Market.  The night air was cold {in the 20s} with a sense of quietness and not much going on in the area. The stores were closed , no traffic and it felt like we were the only ones out walking.  We walked through alley ways, market place and cobble stone streets.

Many years ago, this was a place I often visited once a week to buy fresh produce, flowers, pastries, imported foods and gifts.  Wonderful memories.  Being here this late into the night was something I haven’t done in a long while.   It was a great night for the two of us.

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