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Homemade Pan Pizza

homemade pan pizza

It’s official:
the first week of school completed, the after school activities began, and the football {high school, college, and the NFL} season is here.

It was a busy week for our family, and when it came time for dinner, the thought of ordering out was tempting, but I didn’t.  With a few preparations made earlier in the week I was able to put together some quick and easy dinners.  One popular item our family couldn’t get enough of lately is homemade pan pizzas {twice in a week}.  I made the dough a few days ahead and kept it in the refrigerator until needed. The supply of grated mozzarella cheese was in the freezer.  Ready made pizza sauce was in the pantry.  I used what pizza toppings I had on hand.  With salad as a side dish, dinner was served.


Homemade Pan Pizza

Hot and delicious pan pizza with melted cheese and crispy/puffy crust.
The pizza dough recipe will make two 10-inch pan pizzas.  I used a cast-iron skillet  and  a LaCreuset pan to bake them in.  They will tolerate high heat and make the crust crispy.

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