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Bill’s Sketchbook Project 2016

Sketchbook project 2016

At the request of Kay to share my latest project…. The Sketchbook Project 2016

Some months ago I came upon a book in the library titled,”The Sketchbook Project.” It was filled with the sketch work from people all over the world.  Some were professional artists and some amateurs. Interviews with several of the contributors revealed many were like me having been more devoted to practicing art at an earlier time in their life. Participating in the project gave them an opportunity to simply sketch again and perhaps reignite their artistic side. I decided to take a chance and make a commitment to produce my own sketchbook to be included in the Brooklyn Art Library located in Brooklyn, NY.  

The theme/challenge I signed up for at the time was “Memoirs.”  It took some time to consider what of my memories would be included in my sketches. I found I had to work in a separate sketchbook for a few weeks to let ideas through my mind. Eventually I found most of my work focusing more on the places I have lived that had the greatest impact and some other important locations and events related to living.

There are many wonderful sampling of projects in the making from artists for viewing on Instagram, Instagram-The Sketchbook Project 2016, and Facebook.  Here are some of my finished works that I submitted.

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