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About us - flowers .
Thank you for your interest in our website.  Bill and I came upon the decision to put together White Gunpowder from a simple conversation while enjoying our morning lattes.  We said afterward, “Let’s try it.”  And here we are excited to participate in the world of blogging.

It has been 2 years since Bill and I started blogging.  We are enjoying it all and excited to continue on this adventure.  White Gunpowder has become a place for us to journal about events, share our interests, ideas, and thoughts.  It has given me {Kay} the opportunity to be creative and to connect with friends and new friends beyond my little town.

About us- Bill & Kay 2015

A little about us, we have been married for 21 years and are blessed with three children, Hannah, Grace and Caleb.  In addition, we have a French Brittany named Glory and  seven chickens.  Our family enjoys the outdoors, cooking, baking, arts and craft activities, and simple entertaining with friends and families.

We hope you enjoy a few moments here.

Bill & Kay




We answered a few questions in our July blog post “1st Birthday and Q&A” {click HERE to read full blog post}  that we’ve been asked and thought others might want to know or are curious about too.  Here are  a few of the questions and answers.

Bill hunting in Montana.

Yellowston National Parkwhite serving trays

Q:  How did you came up with the name “White Gunpowder”?

The name came together while on vacation in Wyoming (amazing view at 13,000 feet above sea level) and Montana last year.  We wanted the website to be a reflection of the two of us, our personality and interests.   I came up with the first word “White” and Bill likes the word “Gunpowder”.  White in general for me describes clean, fresh, new and things like crisp white shirts, kitchen cabinets, plates, serving pieces,  linens and towels.  For Bill, Gunpowder represents the great outdoors, huntingfishing and hiking.



pile of recipes


Blogging 101.


do what you love.


Q:  Why did you decide to put together the website and what will it be all about?

{reason one} For many years I’ve tried to compile my recipes into a cookbook-like manner to someday give my children but with very little success.  They have said to me often “I want this recipe or that recipe or can you write this recipe down for me…” The website brought discipline and structure for me and it has been helpful so far to record {with pictures too} these recipes that have been stacking up on shelves, bookmarked, and filed in my notebooks.

{reason two}  The curiosity of what is blogging and wanting to know more about it. This is a fairly new concept for me even though it has been around for awhile.  Other than using it as an archive for my recipes Bill and I didn’t have any particular reasons or ideas of what will be the focus of the website.  The answer to the question was often, “I’m not sure yet.”  It’s been a year now and we should have a pretty good idea. Right?  We might not have narrowed it down to a category but we know it will be what interests us and we hope you will enjoy it too.



Q:  Did you know how to put together a website when you decided to do this?

The Answer is a big NO!
We knew the basic computer stuff, but not the inner workings of the computer, software, or how to take something from point A to make it work at point B.  We had doubts, but in the end our decision was to “Jump In” with a lot of help from Ryan and Emily at Jones Design Company.  I have been following her blog and enjoyed reading it and be inspired by what she was posting. In June 2012, Emily featured on her blog “ your blog is waiting“, perfect timing.  I knew she would give the step by step instructions without all the “Techi” confusing terminologies.  In addition to the The Blog Class, Ryan and Emily also provided a support group for the Members where we can continue to help each other and to keep up with the news and updates. The step-by-step instructions and the support have been great!



We hope our little story inspired you to take a leap and try something new or start what you’ve been thinking about but were a little unsure.  We can’t say that it will be a smooth ride, but if you are doing what you love the obstacles will become a little easier with each step you take.  Through the many challenges of putting the website together, I feel it was worth it.  I’m still amazed at all the things I learned and ‘Can Do’ now.  I’m enjoying it very much.

It’s always wonderful to hear from friends and new friends, contact us or make a comment on one {or more} of our blog posts.  –Kay