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Reusing Vintage Clothespin Bags For New Purposes

Vintage clothespin bag

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Clothespin bags are not as common and in frequent use today as they were in the past. How they were constructed and designed may vary slightly from one to another, but they all have the same purpose, to store clothespins and to hang from the clothesline for easy access.  My particular favorites are the ones made from wires attached to a simple fabric bag.  “Cute” is the word I often use to describe them.  The project to transform these vintage, stained, and worn out clothespin bags into something new was fun to do.  It’s also great to find new purposes and uses for them.

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Fall Decorations, Squash, Pumpkins, Nuts, and Pinecones

Fall decorations

Autumn 2014, acorn image

For a brief period of time, the warm colors of fall are here for us to enjoy.  To bring the season into decorting the home, I like to keep it simple by incorporating natural elements and layering them with what I have.  To create a little vignette above the cabinets, I used squash with soft hues, acorns and leaves, chocolate beans, a large platter, and a pair of pewter candlesticks.  Lastly, to give height and attention to the area, one large pinecone wreath hung on the wall with a beautiful satin ribbon.  A similar arrangement can easily be put together over the fireplace, on a shelf, at the center of a table or the kitchen island.  It’s easy to add or replace certain elements to reflect your personal style.

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Oyster White ….my new favorite paint color

Paint, oyster white Sherwin-Williams

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Neutral · Classic · Clean · Airy · Soft · Pretty

It’s exciting to see the transformation of a room with a coat of paint.  But what color?  The task of picking  just the right color to reflect your taste and style can be easy for some and for others it can be difficult and overwhelming.  The process of finding the right soft shade of white took me awhile to find.  In the end I narrowed it down and decided on Sherwin Williams paint color, Oyster White.  It’s my new go-to paint color for the interior walls of my home.  It has a cool gray base color with a hint of warm beige.  It compliments the decor without being bold or overpowering.

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Susan Wheeler HOME

Susan Wheeler - HOME

“When you find something you really love, you will always be able to find a spot for it in your home,”
 Susan Wheeler.

French, fleur de lis

Located in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood is this lovely shop, Susan Wheeler Home.  It is brimming with unique vintage items, collectibles, antiques, salvage pieces, and furnishings. Susan Wheeler opened her shop to the public in October 2009 and for the past 5 years it has become a destination for shoppers and interior designers.  The idea of having a shop filled with her favorite things wasn’t something Susan had set out to do.  Before she began this new chapter in her life, her priority for 20 plus years was to be at home with her kids.  Reflecting on this change in her life, Susan  said,

“I am lucky to be able to have a shop where I can gather together things that I like and have the good fortune to have nice people come and find things they like too.”

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Finding inspirations … in this Beautiful Hampton Cottage

Inspiration board

. . .

It has been a while since our family room got a makeover. Over the course of the last year I have been brainstorming, redesigning, gathering and exploring different ideas for the space {approximately 16′ x 11′}.   This will be an on-going  project for me.  For now, I have narrowed down the colors for the room to mostly neutrals with splashes of color as accents {see the above picture}.  When I came across this Hampton cottage while browsing the internet, I instantly was drawn to it.  The house captured the feel of what I wanted for the family room and the colors used were similar to mine.  Finding inspirations for my project are always helpful to direct, guide and visually give me the sense of how something might be or look like… and this house did just that.  The interior designer, Jenny Wolf, created simple interior spaces yet elegant, cozy and definitely kid friendly.


Hampton cottage

The house with its weathered shingle exterior, lush green foliage, boxwood, and hydrangeas is a welcoming sight.

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