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Fall Love… Duck hunting, Firewood, NFL Red Zone

Getting to know Bill and me on a little  deeper maybe more on the weird level since our kids have told us often that we are “weird parents”, so we must be.  The things we look forward to during the Fall Season may not always be high on many people’s lists of priority:  hunting, firewood and the NFL “Red Zone”.


Duck Season


Duck Hunting

To be out hunting or fishing is Bill’s ideal thing to do this time of year.  The opportunity came and he took it without any hesitation. Last week was the first day of duck season.  He and a friend went out at midnight to their hunting spot to prepare and set up duck decoys. Seven o’clock in the morning couldn’t come fast enough for the guys. That was the official opening time and knowing Bill, he probably was completely awake the whole night with excitement.  Opening day was a success for the guys.  They got a total of eleven ducks that day.


Duck Dynasty

Watching Duck Dynasty might be as close as I will get to any duck hunting, even though the guys on the show really don’t show a lot of duck hunting.  Duck Dynasty has become one of our family’s favorite shows to watch.



I feel like a squirrel collecting nuts for the winter, but it’s firewood.  To see a LARGE stack of firewood in the backyard to last us from winter into spring makes me truly happy.  I will gather and stack them and with Bill’s help when needed.  The warmth of a fire during the winter just feels right.  Winter brings with it unpredictable weather and power outages. In having a wood stove as the source of heat, a place to cook and bake, we can withstand those situations a little easier.



This cut timber came from our property and is soon to be firewood for the next winter.  See how the guys took down these trees last year. {here…}


“NFL RedZone delivers all of the touchdowns, key moments, and nonstop action that NFL fans want to see every Sunday afternoon,” said Matt Lederer, Director of Sports Marketing.

Football Season is definitely kicking into hight gear.  Our newest cable channel that we can’t be without is the “NFL RED ZONE“.  It’s on Sunday between 10:00am and 5:00pm from September till the last NFL game in January.  When I discovered this at my brother-in-law’s house a few years ago, it was literally love at first sight! {weird??} I was able to see the games in real time without commercials, timeouts, delays etc…  No more of having to click from channel to channel and possibly missed out on a great play. If you are a football fan check the Red Zone out.    Go Broncos!

What do you love about the Fall Season?

image/sources: Facebook.com/duckdynasty  ⎜ NFL Red Zone


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Hunting Dogs

In July, the Whid Isle Brittany Club hosted the annual AKC approved Hunt Test.  The test was held on the grounds of the Canine Country Club in Fall City, Washington.  Particpants came from all over Washington state, Idaho, Oregon and western Canada, or just a few miles away (me)  to have their pointing breeds tested in the field and scored by AKC judges.

bird hunting dogs

field test in Fall City, WA

I participated for the first time with Glory, our French Brittany.  With high expectations of our one year old puppy  to pass the junior level easily, because she is just a natural at it, I was excited to be handed a ribbon after our test! I went in to the test with the gut feeling that she could do it, all on her own with barely any training yet to date!  Looking at her score sheets, I noticed that the name on it was not hers and the listed Breed was not right either.  What a bummer…. Glory did not qualify for the Junior Hunter.   We have a lot of training to do and will require time in the field.

bird hunting dogs

Master Hunting Dog Test

Master Hunting Dog Test

On the second day I was given the opportunity to plant birds and was able to watch these master hunting dogs work the field, an awesome site to see.  In order to cover the distance and have a clear visual of the dogs, the Judges are the one’s on horseback.  The event was held for 2 days and I would recommend anyone interested in hunting dogs or just with the curiosity to see these hunting dogs at work.

Here are a few links you may be interested in:  Whid Isle Brittany Club,  AKC ,  American Brittany Club and Sun Country Bretons


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