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Pumpkin Picking and Decorating


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The farms are officially open for pumpkin picking.  Last weekend, Bill and I decided to go out for a drive and visit the nearby farms to see what they have for us this year.  The kids had other plans and wanted  to stay home and rest.  They will probably go with me at a later date to get their carving pumpkins.  It worked out great for us to have some time together on a little excursion even if it was just out looking for pumpkins. We had country music playing on the radio as we talked and had great conversations about things.  When we arrived at the farm, it was still early in the morning and the fields had not been disturbed. I could see the different colors scattered throughout the fields, and of course my eyes went directly to where the blue, gray, and white pumpkins were growing.  We had the whole field to ourselves.  Each pumpkin was just as beautiful as the next one.  I had the hardest time deciding which one to pick.  We walked through the fields and wondered back and forth many times.  After  two hours, our wheelbarrow was full.  It was a successful trip.   We came home with over 150 pounds of pumpkins in the back of the truck.  They were cleaned and trimmed of extra vines and leaves before I placed them inside the house.

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Postfly Box and Fly Box for Father’s Day Gifts


Postfly Father's Day gift- 1 white gunpowder

Fly fishing flies

A gift for a fly fisherman Dad that doesn’t have to end after Father’s Day.  Once a month a package from Postfly will be delivered to the mailbox with essential flies or fly tying kit to get him ready to go out and spend time fishing.  Postfly started their business in 2013 by putting together fly fishing kits of high quality to make it convenient and to help their customers be successful fishermen out on the water.

The Postfly has a variety of flies to fit your needs  for Trout, Bass, Saltwater, and Steelhead.  Subscription offers are available from 1 month, 3-months, 6-months, or 1 year.  After selecting the choices given, once a month you will receive in the mail a box of approximately six to twelve flies to use during the season. Their most popular is the Trout Flybox.

Instead of getting a set of flies once a month, Bill decided to go with the fresh water fly tying kit. He wanted to improve his fly tying skills and the box set will have all the supplies needed without having to go out and buy it in bulk. Here are some of the latest packages of supplies that Bill received.

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Winter Snow & Ice Skating

ice skating & winter snow

The morning air was cold and crisp with the temperature hovering in the low teens when we drove over the mountain pass to visit  friends in Ellensburg, Washington.  It was a quick hour and a half drive east.  After about 20 minutes on the road, we got our first glimpse of snow scattered along the highway.  As we climbed higher in elevation, the scenery was filled with white pine trees.  We were in winter wonderland.

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The San Juan Islands … kayaking and camping

San Juan Islands, kayaking

Summertime in Washington State is a time to take advantage of the outdoors and explore what nature has to offer, from the lush green forests, to the rugged mountains, the beautiful surrounding lakes, and the vast Pacific Ocean.

Last summer my brother, Mat and his friend, Ryan headed to the San Juan Islands to do some camping and a lot of kayaking.  Many months of preparation had gone into the trip to insure their safety out in the open water.  A double kayak was their source of transportation and storage for all their supplies and equipment.  Mat had reserved the campgrounds in advance and to access the campsites, they had to paddle their kayak there.  The initial trip was intended to be seven days of kayaking and exploring around one of the main islands, San Juan Island.  But due to the weather, the trip was cut short by two days.  The southern part of the island will have to be explored at another time.

Mat documented the trip using a GoPro high-definition camera.  The videos were edited and condensed into a short twenty-two-minute film accompanied with music.  It is available for viewing at the end of the blog post and on YouTube.  The video started with them packing up early in the morning before heading out to the ferry.  Later in the video, you will see two crabs they caught for dinner.  Jones Island was their favorite place to camp because of the incredible view of the surrounding areas.  The one negative they encountered throughout the two nights they were there was the large population of raccoons.  Their curiousity kept the guys up throughout the first night, and got a little better the second night.   You could fast forward about nineteen minutes into the video if you want to see these raccoons.   All you will see are these glowing mysterious eyes watching your every move.  Mat was able to capture many beautiful sceneries, sunsets, and wildlife during his trip. It was a fun adventure with lots of great memories for Mat and Ryan.

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Gardening, Spring Planting, and DIY Plant Markers


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It felt good to be in the garden again.  I’ve been taking advantage of the beautiful warm sunny days to clean the garden, sift the compost, pull weeds, and plant seeds.  Just days after I planted these little radish seedlings they started to emerge and will soon be ready to harvest.

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