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Plum Cake in a tart pan

Plum Cake (in a tart pan)

It is late into the summer and a whisper of chill is in the air. Harvest season is upon us as evident from our plum tree that is laden with tiny yellow plums.  For the next few weeks there will be more than enough plums for picking, canning, and baking.  The birds will soon be making regular visits there to enjoy the fruit.  Last year there had to have been hundreds of birds in the plum tree everyday during those weeks.  The sounds from the birds in the tree was incredible to hear.

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Lavender ….. Gathering, Wrapping, and Gifting


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From late spring and into summer is lavender season.  The varieties I have growing in the garden will yield a range of colors from deep to soft purple and pale pink/white. Recently, the little individual buds started to bloom and it was the best time to harvest some for drying and preserving.  The rest will be left to be enjoyed in the garden throughout the summer and to give as gifts.  A bundle of fresh lavender wrapped in brown paper, tied with twine, and attached with a tag to finish it off is a wonderful and personal gift to give.

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Oyster White ….my new favorite paint color

Paint, oyster white Sherwin-Williams

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Neutral · Classic · Clean · Airy · Soft · Pretty

It’s exciting to see the transformation of a room with a coat of paint.  But what color?  The task of picking  just the right color to reflect your taste and style can be easy for some and for others it can be difficult and overwhelming.  The process of finding the right soft shade of white took me awhile to find.  In the end I narrowed it down and decided on Sherwin Williams paint color, Oyster White.  It’s my new go-to paint color for the interior walls of my home.  It has a cool gray base color with a hint of warm beige.  It compliments the decor without being bold or overpowering.

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