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Gardening, Spring Planting, and DIY Plant Markers


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It felt good to be in the garden again.  I’ve been taking advantage of the beautiful warm sunny days to clean the garden, sift the compost, pull weeds, and plant seeds.  Just days after I planted these little radish seedlings they started to emerge and will soon be ready to harvest.

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Mother’s Day ⎜Herb Bouquets ⎜Sweet Pastries

Mother's Day - lavender bouquet

A bouquet of lavender leaves and rosemary flowers.

These precious hands {Hannah} held a sweet and simple herb bouquet for Mother’s Day.  Clay pots that were once filled with dried herbs and lavender have new purposes as containers for fresh herbs.  To see and photograph my children holding and preparing these bouquets were as much of a gift as it is to receive them.

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Susan Wheeler HOME

Susan Wheeler - HOME

“When you find something you really love, you will always be able to find a spot for it in your home,”
 Susan Wheeler.

French, fleur de lis

Located in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood is this lovely shop, Susan Wheeler Home.  It is brimming with unique vintage items, collectibles, antiques, salvage pieces, and furnishings. Susan Wheeler opened her shop to the public in October 2009 and for the past 5 years it has become a destination for shoppers and interior designers.  The idea of having a shop filled with her favorite things wasn’t something Susan had set out to do.  Before she began this new chapter in her life, her priority for 20 plus years was to be at home with her kids.  Reflecting on this change in her life, Susan  said,

“I am lucky to be able to have a shop where I can gather together things that I like and have the good fortune to have nice people come and find things they like too.”

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Finding inspirations … in this Beautiful Hampton Cottage

Inspiration board

. . .

It has been a while since our family room got a makeover. Over the course of the last year I have been brainstorming, redesigning, gathering and exploring different ideas for the space {approximately 16′ x 11′}.   This will be an on-going  project for me.  For now, I have narrowed down the colors for the room to mostly neutrals with splashes of color as accents {see the above picture}.  When I came across this Hampton cottage while browsing the internet, I instantly was drawn to it.  The house captured the feel of what I wanted for the family room and the colors used were similar to mine.  Finding inspirations for my project are always helpful to direct, guide and visually give me the sense of how something might be or look like… and this house did just that.  The interior designer, Jenny Wolf, created simple interior spaces yet elegant, cozy and definitely kid friendly.


Hampton cottage

The house with its weathered shingle exterior, lush green foliage, boxwood, and hydrangeas is a welcoming sight.

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Keep it Clean and Simple

Kitchen things

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A clean and simple display of all things white.

I can’t say that the rest of my house is as neat and tidy as this picture of my display shelves, but little by little progress has been made.  When it comes to tackling a project or the chore list, I tend to start on something small to motivate me to keep going.  In the midst of cleaning and organizing, the forgotten last remnant of Christmas decorations was finally taken down this week.  Yes, I did say Christmas.

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