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Flourless Chocolate Cake and Fresh Pink Roses

Valentine's Day Cake and Misc

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This is a rich and decadent chocolate cake that you will want to make for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion.  There is no flour added and with just a few basic good quality ingredients you will be able to make this light and very moist cake. As it bakes, a thin crust will form on the surface and break apart slightly for a pretty and delicate appearance.  Enjoy the cake with a light sprinkling of confectioners’ sugar or a dollop of whipped cream on the side.

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Spooky Halloween Treats

halloween spooky treats

Transform ordinary cookies, doughnuts, and cupcakes into something spooky and slightly creepy for Halloween.  Whether they are homemade or store bought treats, with the addition of little googly eyes will instantly turn them into little monsters and creatures that the kids will have fun eating. A little dab of royal icing onto the back of each one of these eyes will hold it in place.  These adorable candy eyes can be homemade with royal icing or purchased at the grocery stores or specialty stores. The royal icing recipe is available at the end of the blog post.

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Easter Basket, Treats, and Printable Tags

Easter basket

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Spring is officially here and in a few weeks we will be celebrating Easter.

Finding the Easter basket on Easter morning is a tradition my kids look forward to-even now as teenagers.  In each of their baskets {similar to the one in the picture above} there will be sweets, chocolates and a little something special.  To personalize their baskets this year, I’ve created tags with this adorable French rabbit from The Graphic Fairy.

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Industrial Elements, ideas and inspirations at Fran’s Chocolates

Industrial -  window image

Merging something new with something old… vintage… rustic…or industrial in a design will add character and charm.

This could be achieved on a big scale by converting a factory or a warehouse into a retail/office space or by simply adding an element or a vintage piece to a room or a display area. Examples of this could be seen at the new Fran’s Chocolates company headquarters and retail space. The building is located in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood, just south of the industrial district, map.  Built in 1882, the 31,500-square-foot facility was once the site of the old Seattle Brewing and Malting Company {picture here}.  It’s exciting to see the building with ties to historic past now given a new facelift and a new purpose.

Come, take a look……


Indstrial, Fran's Chocolates, Seattle

Fran’s Chocolates new retail shop opened to the public on September 29, 2014.

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2014, Favorite Beach Accessories for the Home

Ocean / beach collection


Not everyone lives near the beach, but one can always bring a little bit of it into their home.  These beach accessories and treats are some of my favorite things I’m currently enjoying and using in my home.

1.  Bring out decorative bright napkins {by Caspari } printed with coral, shells and starfish will put a little beach feel to a lunch or dinner.  It’s available at many specialty retail stores, grocery stores and online store such as Paper Style.

2.  Pewter shell/coral hors d’ oeuvre forks are great as a multipurpose picker-upper for cheese, shrimp, crab, veggies, fruits, and other yummy goodies.   I purchased it at a local specialty store, hedge & vine.  Here’s a link to an online store currently carrying these forks, The Bowl Company.

3.  My new favorite candle scent is ocean by Linnea’s Lights.  The scent is a soft ocean breeze, with a subtle hint of fresh citrus.  It’s a nice addition to any room in the house.

4.  Printable vintage coral print from the Zoological Society of London {1895}.  To print a copy, click here.

5.  Try a sailboat craft project made from driftwood.  Click here for the tutorial.

6.  A bowl of fun chocolate beach pebbles to snack on by Sunflower Food Company.


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