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autumn 2014 wreath


Decorating with wreaths is a wonderful way to welcome guests into your home.  It’s also a great way to show off the beauty of the season or to announce a special occasion.

autumn 2014, wreath

Today I will be sharing two autumn wreath ideas with you.  This came about  from a recent cleaning and gathering of old wire hangers that found their way into the different parts of my house.  I noticed the color variations on some of the hangers, almost copper-like.  I took one of the hangers apart and bent the wire into a circle then twisted the two ends around each other to make a wreath form.  It was sturdy and it held the shape well when branches were added.  The copper/gold tone on the wire also blended nicely with the branches.  This simple wreath became the inspiration for the autumn wreath drawing {above}.


autumn 2014 wreath, printable tags

I converted the wreath image into two different sizes.  The small image was made into printable gift tags.  I used one of the tags to tie on a gift package in a recent blog post, Welcoming the Autumn Season.


autumn 2014, wreath tags

Simple and pretty wreath tags for attaching to packages, bags, and other things.
{print tags, here}


autumn 2014, wreath print

I printed, framed and hung the large wreath image on the wall as a part of the autumn decoration.
{print wreath, here}
{print “autumn” wreath, here}


autumn 2014, wreath

My sweet little wreath.  The wire frame I made for it was about 6 inches in diameter, smaller than the normal 12-18 inch frames often used to make wreaths for hanging on doors.


autumn 2014, wreath

Supplies to make the wreath:
-one wire clothes hanger twisted into a circle shape {6-12 inch diameter}, the wreath above had a 6 inch wire frame. {wire wreath frames are also available at craft stores}
-24/26 gauge wire, to secure branchess to wreath frame
-branches/twigs {4 to 8 inches long}
-hot glue gun
-wire cutters {not shown}
-pruning shears

First take the floral wire and twist it around the wire frame 3-4 times to secure it.  Place one or two branches on the wire frame and twist the floral wire around the bottom end of the branches to the frame to secure them together.  Make sure to turn the other end of the branches out and away from the frame to give it an organic shape.  Repeat the steps around the entire wire frame.


autumn 2014,  wreath

Attach leaves randomly around the wreath with a little dab of hot glue on the back side.  You can also hot glue a few small branches to cover the floral wire.


autumn 2014, wreath & gift tag

The finished wreath and gift tag.


autumn 2014, wreath & tags

Have fun making these whimsical wreaths and tags.
Printables:  tags  ·  wreath   ·  autumn wreath

{all printables are for personal use only}

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