Welcoming the Autumn Season

The change in season has begun . . . . . Welcome Autumn!

I’ve been busy wrapping up the last bit of summer to do list:
1.  drain, clean, and dismantle the kid’s pool
2.  clear the garage of leftover items from our garage sale
3.  finish up the last of bit of painting in the house
{white, off white, bright white, oyster white, and pure white}
4.  put together Caleb’s 10th birthday party, just a bit late …over a month late -ooops

Autumn 2014, acorn image

autumn palette, 2014

Are you ready for the autumn/fall season?!

I knew it was coming by just looking up at the trees and seeing the colors on the leaves changing to deep earthy tones of orange, yellow, brown, and red.  But it wasn’t until this week that I finally came to terms and started thinking and embracing the new season.  This little encounter was what did it…..silly but true.  Less than a mile from my house, there are farm fields hidden slightly  from the road.  Through the summer some of the fields were quietly growing pumpkins.  I haven’t noticed it until two trucks emerged from the area and passed by filled to the brim with pumpkins to take to a nearby farm.  When I drove past the fields I could see through the trees, little orange dots covering the ground.  That was when I thought, “My goodness, the pumpkins are ready!”

Here’s what I’ve been up to to lately.  Earlier in the week I did a little bit of baking and tried a new recipe from the cookbook, Miette.  The sweet scent of  cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla filled my house and helped to set the mood and welcome autumn with gladness.

I created a little display tray to share with you and maybe get you in the mood as well, if you haven’t been, now that we are in the new season!


autumn 2014,  graham cracker cookies

My little collection of copper cookie cutters were used to make Graham Crackers.


autumn 2014,  wreath gift tags

Simple autumn wreath of twigs, leaves, and berries I’ve drawn and made into tags.
Autumn wreath printable tags are available for you to print, click here….


autumn 2014, packaging

A gift package of homemade granola {recipe click here}, graham crackers, and a fresh picked apple in a bowl and tied with a ribbon.


autumn 2014, apples

Apples picked in the morning from one of the apple trees.

 Autumn 2014, acorn image


autumn 2014, pumpkins

To help with the visual aid of my little story earlier, here’s another truck that I saw loaded with more pumpkins.


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2 Responses to Welcoming the Autumn Season

  1. Kim September 30, 2014 at 9:23 am #

    Kay, your blog is always so beautiful and a breath of fresh air! I love your collection of copper cookie cutters. What a blessing to have so many fresh apples!! Happy fall!

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