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Sweet Valentine’s Day Treats & Gifts

Valentine's day, treats

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It’s time to bring the sweet things in life out for Valentine’s Day.  To celebrate this lovely occasion, but not wanting to do too much, I decided to assemble some of our favorite treats together for all to enjoy.

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The Military, diy U.S. Army Keychains

diy US Army keychains

Veterans Day is November 11.  It is a day dedicated to honoring the military men and women who have served and defended our country.  We are truly grateful for all that they have done.

I came upon these U.S. Army patches at a local vintage/antique store.  They were once a part of the uniforms that have since retired.  The slight fading, threads unraveling and the wear and tear on these patches are reminders of where they came from.  I brought them home and decided to reuse and repurpose them as keychains.  If you’re looking to make this project, check the local thrift/antique stores and the Army Surplus stores for the materials. These U.S. Army keychains are a great way to keep the military men and women in our thoughts and prayers.  It’s also a wonderful way to show our support.  The kids will enjoy making these with you, and at the same time what a great opportunity it would be to share and have conversations about Veterans Day, the military and the history of our nation.

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Trick or Treat Pumpkin Tags


Halloween pic 9 pumpkin image trick treat


It’s almost trick or treating time for the kids.  This year I’ve put together some of my favorite fall treats in clear bags attached with pumpkin tags for Halloween.  These cute orange pumpkin tags are available in two sizes {small and large} for you to print as many as you like.

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