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Back to School, DIY Brown Paper Book Covers

Back to school, brown paper book cover

The first week of school is behind us and the kids are adjusting to the new routine.  There are a few extra school supplies left to get, a little organizing of their things and filling the calendar with to do’s/appointments/events.

Last year I helped Hannah covered her text books,  which I thought she knew how to do.  She was a little hesitant about it, but agreed to try.  For the project, I used regular brown paper bags and Washi tapes to secure and decorate the book covers.  Hannah liked them and her high school friends thought it was a “cool” idea.  There must be many kids from this generation that have never covered their text books before.

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diy … Flower Rings

Flower ring tutorial

I’m revisiting and remembering Hannah’s 12th birthday as her 18th birthday approaches.  In the last blog post, Hannah’s Garden Birthday Party, I included a picture of Hannah wearing her lime green flower ring.  I have kept it as a keepsake and recently brought it out to have her wear it again. It is still as sweet and fashionable.

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Lavender ….. Gathering, Wrapping, and Gifting


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From late spring and into summer is lavender season.  The varieties I have growing in the garden will yield a range of colors from deep to soft purple and pale pink/white. Recently, the little individual buds started to bloom and it was the best time to harvest some for drying and preserving.  The rest will be left to be enjoyed in the garden throughout the summer and to give as gifts.  A bundle of fresh lavender wrapped in brown paper, tied with twine, and attached with a tag to finish it off is a wonderful and personal gift to give.

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Gardening, Spring Planting, and DIY Plant Markers


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It felt good to be in the garden again.  I’ve been taking advantage of the beautiful warm sunny days to clean the garden, sift the compost, pull weeds, and plant seeds.  Just days after I planted these little radish seedlings they started to emerge and will soon be ready to harvest.

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