Fall City Farms

Debbie & Rob Arenth

“Let’s go to the farm!”   The unanimous answer from our family is always, “Yeah, let’s go!”.   The farm we love to visit is  Fall City Farms, located here in Fall City, Washington just a few miles from our house.  We’ve been going there since we discovered it when our oldest child started walking, 15 years ago.  Rob and Debbie Arenth have been managing the farm since 1984.  The farm has not always been full of fields of pumpkins, vegetables or flowers.  They began initially raising cattle, and in the nineties, started growing garlic and corn.  Now they have variety of vegetables along with cider, honey, cheeses and eggs.   October is busy; pumpkins are ready to be picked, apples to be pressed  to make cider and mini donuts (with cinnamon & sugar) to be eaten up by our kids.

In December, Rob and Debbie will open the Christmas tree farm to customers.  During the summer,  they host outdoor weddings and other special events.  If you’re in Seattle, and stopped at the Grand Central Bakery for lunch, you might be eating produce from here.

Below are pictures from our visits to Fall City Farms.  A few pictures are not current, but from a few years back down memory lane.




Fall City Farms

the barn

fresh fruits & vegetables

the pond at the farm


Hannah’s two favorite goats, Ricky & Lucy and chickens (2003)

pumpkins & squash

Hannah, Grace and Caleb on a pumpkin hunt, October 2006

This is a special place for our family.  Our half hour visit will often turn to two hours as we watch our kids explore, be amazed and open themselves to let their imagination just run.  There were many “first” at the farm for them;  first time gathering eggs in the chicken coop, first time riding on a tractor, first time holding a baby goat, first time fishing in the pond and catching a fish, first time making cider and finding that first pumpkin.




As of 2013, Fall City Farms has closed their farm to the public, but will be opened in December to sell U-cut Christmas trees.  Please check their website, www.fallcityfarms.com for more information.


Fall City Farms · 3636 Neal Road · Fall City · WA · 98024 · 425-222-4553  www.fallcityfarms.com


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  1. Sherry October 27, 2012 at 9:31 pm #

    Your photography here makes me come back to this post, it’s so inviting. Now I have added heritage turkey’s to my wish list!

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