Let’s Celebrate!

A few simple essentials to celebrate special occasions throughout the year

Basic fruit punch     confetti      all-purpose tissue flags      birthday calendar reminder

celebration essentials


                                             Fruit Punch                                          

Punch 2-1

This is my favorite punch to serve kids.  It’s a simple recipe and very forgiving if you want to change the flavor or the color of the punch.

Fruit Punch

1  (12 oz) can frozen apple juice
1  (12 oz) can frozen pink lemonade or lemonade
1  (6 fluid oz) can unsweetened pineapple juice (optional)
2  (2 litter) bottles ginger ale


In a punch bowl, mix together apple juice, pink lemonade and pineapple juice (optional).  Add ginger ale and ice then serve.
* Make ahead, mix the first three ingredients and refrigerate it.  Just add ginger ale  and ice when ready to serve.

                              diy  Paper Tissue Flags                            

Punch flags step 3

Punch flags step 1 &2-2


tissue paper    curling ribbon    6″ skewers  •  double sided tape  •  scissors


 1. Cut tissue paper in a rectangle shape with fringe on the two ends.  2. Cut three (4 1/2 – 5 inch length) ribbon pieces and wrap it around a skewer once then tie it 1/2 inch from the top.  3. In the middle of the cut tissue paper, place a piece of double sided tape and attach it to the top of the skewer.
Punch flags step 4
These little flags are great for picking up hors d’oeuvres and snacks or topping off cupcakes, cakes, drinks and gifts.

The inspiration for this paper tissue flag project came from Chelsea Fuss at {frolic}



Punch & tissues steps 1-4 :1


tissue papers    scissors    glassine bags    decorative tape


1. Take one sheet of tissue paper and fold it a few times until it’s about 4 to 5 inches in width & length.   2. At one end start cutting a long strip to the opposite end, repeat this every 1/2 inch.  3.  Stack half of the strips together and clip them into little pieces 1/2 inch or smaller.  Repeat this step until finished.   4.  Fill a glassine bag with confetti and fold the top down and tape it.

Punch & tissues step 5


                               Birthday Calendar                           

Birthday Calendar

Use this birthday & anniversary calendar as a quick reference and stay informed of all the special dates.

This free printable, calendar was designed by Jordan at Polkadot Prints {click here for the printable}.

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source:  girls & confetti photo, Rachel Mcginn photography //  punch recipe, Lynn Morris


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