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Homemade Country Bread, French Food, Pastries and A Bakery

Homemade Bread

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Time and patience are essential when it comes to making yeast breads. This past week I decided to renew my basic skills of baking and tried two new recipes for crusty country bread and brioche à tête over the course of 4 days. As always there is that element of anxiety for me when it comes to making yeast breads, whether they will turn out or end up hard and dry.  With care and preparation I preceeded slowly through the steps involved, and in the end I was pleased with the outcome.  I will be making these recipes again.  The picture above was one of the two loaves of country bread made from a recipe in the flour cookbook by Joanne Chang.

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Glory to God in the Highest, Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men

December, glory to God


Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

December glory to God - wreath:vine

The Christmas season is a time to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. When he came into the world, He brought hope of enteral life.  As we gather together with family and friends on this happy occasion, let us keep Jesus in our hearts today and always. Thank you God for sending your only begotten Son to save us… peace on earth and good will to men. Continue Reading →


Ralph Lauren Fall / Winter 2015

Ralph Lauren fall 2015

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The fall season is upon us as evident in the change in color and scenery.  Ralph Lauren’s Fall/Winter 2015-16  woman’s collection captured the season beautifully. The theme throughout the show played on the essence of the American west in a refined, sophisticated, and elegant manner.  Multiple layers of rich luxurious fabrics, faux-fur constructed of shearling, suede, and cashmere were mixed and matched with simple knitted ensembles, classic suites, basic turtlenecks, shirts, pants, and skirts.  To enhance the monochromatic looks, dramatic long fringes, chunky knits, feathers, and lace along with statement accessory pieces were incorporated into each outfit.  The collection celebrated the American west and the season to its fullest.

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Back to School, DIY Brown Paper Book Covers

Back to school, brown paper book cover

The first week of school is behind us and the kids are adjusting to the new routine.  There are a few extra school supplies left to get, a little organizing of their things and filling the calendar with to do’s/appointments/events.

Last year I helped Hannah covered her text books,  which I thought she knew how to do.  She was a little hesitant about it, but agreed to try.  For the project, I used regular brown paper bags and Washi tapes to secure and decorate the book covers.  Hannah liked them and her high school friends thought it was a “cool” idea.  There must be many kids from this generation that have never covered their text books before.

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